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  • 2013 the 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition

    CO-RICH'S Laboratory Got the Certification from CNAS
    2013 the 20th Southern China International Printing Exhibition
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    Date: 2013-06-13 

    The eighth Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (China Print 2013) was opened at the Beijing new exhibition hall on May 14th. As one of the four years of printing industry event, the exhibition had attracted many exhibitors. All exhibitors introduced technology and equipment of various types in this exhibition which attracted many customers, the media and the audience to the site visit.

    In this exhibition, we exhibited the development and production of bird brand products for the printing and packaging, including paper / plastic adhesive, paper / oil pasting adhesives, paper / paper adhesive,box making adhesive, jelly glue and toy grade (Toy Grade) environmental glue etc. During the exhibition, visitors to our booth were in a continuous line.With high quality products and solution for difficult adhesive problems, our bird brand products become the first choice for many customers.

                                                                                            Our team

    CO-RICH’S stand

     Series products on display

     CO-RICH adhesive is mainly used in the printing and packaging industry

    The exhibition visitors came in a continuous stream

     Scene of the exhibition

    CO-RICH products are favored


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