• Strengths
  • We anticipate, respond to and meet our customers’ expectations by providing the best value, quality, and most innovative brands and technologies.

    We hold our customers in the highest regard and place them at the center of all that we do. This is the only way we can offer them added value. The “customer” value is vital to our success, and since not all CO-RICH employees are in direct contact with our customers, it is all the more important for us to understand what this value means for CO-RICH. In order to offer the best products, the highest quality and outstanding service, we need to understand our customers and consumers better than our competitors do. If we succeed in this, we can look forward to successful growth in all our markets.

    Not only do we deliver the high-quality products you need today, we also develop the big ideas and new technologies you’ll need tomorrow. We’re always anticipating what’s next. So you can stay one step ahead of the trends and the competition.

    To keep customer at the forefront of advancements and innovations in the product bonding performance, we have a robust multidisciplinary research and development program in which we develop new ingredients, technologies and capabilities. This program brings to life our Core Principle of relentless innovation.

    When it comes to adhesive application inquiry, CO-RICH has experts in the field. CO-RICH R&D department will work closely with you to determine your needs and come up with the best solution for your company. We can custom formulate the animal glue and the water based emulsion adhesives to meet specific application requirements for Viscosity, Color, Tack, Set Speed, Bond Strength properties and other performance standards such as Heat or Cold Resistance, Water resistance, UV resistance.

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