• About CO-RICH
  • CO-RICH ADH LIMITED adopts an integrated management policy of "Value Customers First, Stressing on Quality and Efficiency, while stick to People-Oriented principle in the care for employees' Safety and Health and persist in Protection of Environment, in pursuit of Excellence". We provide quality adhesives products and services, as well as control the safety hazards and environmental impacts brought about by manufacturing processes, products and services, to comply with government's legal requirements, to excel in overall management and to cope with customers' requirements and expectation.

    We value Customers First, to provide quality products and efficient services, as well as to safeguard customers' properties as well as to assure for the confidentiality of adhesives product services, to the satisfaction of customers.

    We stress on Quality and Efficiency, optimize resources, lower wastage, and continually improve on quality and delivery.

    We are People-Oriented, and care for employees' interests and welfare, to promote coordination for business development.

    We care for employees' Safety and Health, and control hazards caused by manufacturing processes, to assume social responsibility.

    We support the Protection of Environment, to optimize resources, and control environmental impacts from production and services.

    We pursue for Excellence, and encourage teamwork, people involvement, support innovation and continuous improvement.

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