• Social Responsibility
  • CO-RICH ADH LIMITED is fully committed to work towards protecting the environment and adhering to environmental regulations relating to the printing and packaging industry. CO-RICH will work with the community and regulatory agencies to implement sound management practices.

    We are dedicated to contribute to the enhancement and sharing of knowledge within the globe by producing superior quality adhesives. In line with this purpose, we are also committed to protect the environment and prevent pollution while doing our daily work.

    We are committed to maintain and improve our environment-friendly culture by setting up, reviewing and updating clear and practical environmental targets and objectives.

      CO-RICH’s policy is to operate its business with integrity and recognize that the protection of the environment is a key responsibility. The company is committed to the following principles:
    • Purchasing consumables that are benign to the environment.
    • Adopting measures to reduce energy consumption.
    • Optimizing our facilities’ operations and process efficiency.
    • Develop new products which do not harm the environment.
    • Rewarding employees for any reductions in waste.

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