• Human Resources
  • Our Value Proposition: CO-RICH, one global company, a spectrum of opportunities.

    As a global manufacturer of environment-friendly jelly glue and water based emulsion adhesives, CO-RICH depends every day upon a spectrum of individuals to deliver the highest quality products an services to our customers. We're looking for results-oriented, innovative people---such as you--who welcome the opportunity to make a difference every day.

    We are committed to providing a fulfilling workplace for our employees, creating an environment for continuous learning and embracing the ideas and diversity of others.

    (1)Benefits & Compensation

    At CO-RICH, we are committed to being a strong employer of choice offering competitive salaries and excellent, comprehensive benefits packages to meet our changing social and economic conditions. 
When most people hear the word compensation, they think first about their base salary. Certainly your pay is the largest part of your total compensation, but there are several other parts.

      Total Compensation Includes:
    • Base salary
    • Variable Pay
    • Benefits

    You can increase your salary by achieving results. CO-RICH pays for performance in two ways – new job opportunities and Personal Performance Grants. We provide competitive pay and development opportunities to encourage high performing employees to make a career at CO-RICH.

    New Job Opportunities

    Your performance is directly related to your success in developing and applying skills and knowledge. And your development may be recognized by promotion to a job at a higher level or by a career development move at the level of your current job. Your current job may grow into a larger role upon assumption of additional responsibilities or you may qualify for a different assignment.

    A promotion or a career development move can be the fastest way to increase your earnings opportunity.

    Personal Performance Grants

      Personal Performance Grants provide a regular opportunity for you to increase your salary based on your performance and contributions to CO-RICH's results. CO-RICH's professional employees are eligible for consideration for Personal Performance Grants each year. These grants are awarded by your management team. They are made annually as a percent of salary based on your results for the prior year. The total amount of money available each year is determined by external factors, such as our competitive pay position, and internal factors, such as business results. At the end of each year, your management team will determine the amount of your Personal Performance Grant. They will make that assessment using specific performance-related criteria, including:
    • Results against agreed-upon goals in your Performance & Learning plan
    • Effectiveness in managing ongoing responsibilities
    • Achievements above and beyond those anticipated
    • Achieving results in a manner consistent with PPG's Blueprint Values, Quality Process, and Prime Success Factors.

    You also have the opportunity to earn an additional Personal Performance Grant each year. As many as one-third of our professional employees may be recognized by receiving an additional Personal Performance Grant. Your management team decides on the recipients of these grants and their size.


    Valuing diversity creates opportunities for everyone!

    Vision: "We will become a stronger, more competitive company by fostering a climate that recognizes the value of a diverse workforce, thus realizing our full potential — not only as a company, but as individuals."

    What is Diversity?

    Diversity as we define it means difference. Our premise is that differences in perspectives, experience, backgrounds, etc., can offer benefits to the CO-RICH team. While many believe that diversity only refers to race and gender, at CO-RICH it refers to much more. While these are two very important aspects of diversity, there are many more ways in which we differ.

    We also see barriers between co-workers due to cultural, educational, functional, regional differences. Successfully managing the diversity of CO-RICH people can result in increased creativity, better problem-solving, improved productivity, reduce interpersonal conflict and improved teamwork.

    (3)Work Life Balance

    Balancing both your personal life and your career goals.

      CO-RICH recognizes the challenges of balancing personal life and career goals. In order to support our employees in this process, we offer the following programs:
    • Educational Assistance
    • Employee Assistance Program
    • Flex Time
    • Paid Holidays and Vacations
    • Volunteer Opportunities
    • Wellness Opportunities

    (4)Corporate Culture

    CO-RICH is a place where you can unlock your potential.

    Our global presence, innovation and technological strengths, and financial stability combine to provide you with a dynamic place to work.

    Our company structure provides you with the advantages of a large company, but the flexibility and entrepreneurial spirit of a small company where you can make a difference every day.

    Our commitment to doing things right and doing the right things ensure that you can be proud of the differences you make.

    Our focus on continuous learning and development provide you with professional growth opportunities to help you reach your fullest potential.

    Our dedication to inclusiveness and diversity foster a positive work climate and a stronger, more competitive company.

    Our diversity of businesses, provide a spectrum of opportunities for you to work in an endless variety of disciplines.

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