• Human Resources
  • At CO-RICH, we believe that when every process and person is operating at the highest level possible, we will master the requirements of a rapidly changing business climate.

    Our focus is on continuous learning for each employee to assure that individual capabilities are continuously and consistently developed.

    Advancement Opportunities

    CO-RICH's diversity of businesses provides a spectrum of opportunities to work in an endless variety of disciplines.

    Management Development Committees

    Management Development Committees are groups that have been formed to manage the review of talent in a function (e.g. finance, human resources, etc.). The group’s primary responsibility is to analyze and collect performance, skills and experience information on employees, recommend individuals for potential opportunities and developmental actions, and oversee selection decisions.

    Continuous Learning

    CO-RICH's future success is directly linked to our people. We need to be continuously learning and growing in our current jobs and toward possible future jobs. Our focus is on success factors, or knowledge, skills and behaviors that help you perform to your maximum potential. We provide you with the tools to manage your development goals and chart your own career path.

    Performance and Learning Process

    The CO-RICH Performance and Learning Process (P&LP) is our primary tool for establishing performance plans and continuously developing the capabilities of our employees. By focusing on business deliverables (the “what” of your job), CO-RICH success factors (the “how” of your job), and your developmental action plan (the focus for your development and growth), you will create a roadmap with your supervisor that will help you focus on the “right” things. The “right” things are those critical to both the organization and you.

    Success Factors

    Success Factors define the knowledge, skills, and behaviors important for your personal and professional development. They provide a clear starting point for understanding what is required to reach new levels of excellence. Success factors are used in selecting new employees, promoting employees whose skills most closely match job requirements, and most importantly, developing all employees.

      Our top leaders consciously selected six “Prime Success Factors” as being important to all employees:
    • Build Trust and Respect
    • Develop Others
    • Drive Change
    • Focus on Results
    • Promote Teamwork
    • Understand Market and Customer Perspective

    Prime success factors are important for everyone at CO-RICH regardless of position, level, or location. Other success factors define a broad range of excellence. Some factors may apply to your job and responsibilities; others may not be directly linked, but could be critical at some future point.

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