• Social Responsibility
  • We are People-Oriented:

    Care for people's rights, benefits and growth; allow employees to develop their creativeness and fully utilize their talents.

    We care for employees' Safety and Health:

    Control hazards caused by printing processes, to assume social responsibility.

    We commit to the Protection of Environment:

    Optimize utilization of resources, conserve energy, and reduce pollution.

    Being an integral part of the society, CO-RICH believes that there is a necessity and an obligation to put in its best effort to take up social responsibility, for the benefit of the society. In view of this, CO-RICH has taken an active role for years to have a good commitment in corporate social responsibility as required, in order to keep advancing together with time as well as to keep abreast closely with the development of the society.

    We run our businesses using sound environment, health, safety and product stewardship practices while providing product solutions that reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact. CO-RICH aims for continual improvement of our environmental management system through employee training, consultation and involvement in identifying environmental impacts; encouraging management commitment; performing regular reviews and conducting internal audits of the environmental management system.

    In human resources development, CO-RICH adopts a people-oriented policy, including care for the growth of employees, and encourages innovative adhesives solutions for our dear customers with more creativity.

    In environment work, CO-RICH strives to collaborate closely with its business partners for the care for nature and environment, including the drive for process re-engineering and application of new technology for the optimization in resources utilization, energy conservation, control of pollution, etc., and for the improvement of environmental management.

    In addition, CO-RICH also has taken initiatives to care for the society and care for the community, aiming at a concerted growth with the society. For instance, CO-RICH has taken an active role to participate in the donations for the recovery from major disasters in China mainland.

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