• Human Resources
  • The principle of CO-RICH's human resources strategy is "people oriented". This spirit is applied to all of our recruitment, training and assessment efforts. For staff recruitment, we look for the right people both internally and externally. Internal staffs always have the opportunity to further develop their career.

    As for staff training, we arrange a variety of training sessions that are tailor-made to fulfill the needs of staffs and workers of different work nature. For example, we have management training, safety training and English language training. Thus, our people can develop general abilities as well as specific professional skills. With different levels and different kinds of training, we hope to help our people to have comprehensive development.

    As for staff assessment, we tailor different criteria for different positions. While motivating the staff, the system also allows him/her to discover his/her own weakness and improve himself/herself at his/her own will.

    Our salary scheme is both reasonable and competitive. Wages and salaries are associated with the jobs instead of individual persons, thus eliminating any possible unfairness. We also offer many fringe benefits, including pleasant residential quarters, overseas training, visits, traveling, etc. to fulfill the needs of our staff comprehensively.

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